Modern art movements, such as Fauvism and Cubism, have become frequent choices for art print reproductions.

Braque's work features amongst the most popular and you will find much of his work available to buy from our paintings section.

The simplicity and boldness of many modern art styles prove very suitable for giving instant impact in your home, where as more complex renaissance and baroque artworks require a certain amount of space in order to be fully appreciated.

The fame of Picasso has brought extra attention to the Cubist art movement, and some of this interest has carried on to other members of this group, including Georges Braque and Juan Gris.

Braque's artworks are suitable for both framed and unframed reproductions, depending on your budget and personal taste. Simple prints can be very affordable and essentially serve as high quality posters.

Framed prints offer a more classic finish, protecting the reproduced print as well as offering opportunities for inline cards to provide space between the edge of the frame and the artwork.

Special, limited edition prints are available for many artists from the 20th century, always on a small run of up to several hundred reproductions. Those with larger budgets may look at these instead of the standard ones.